I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, says the Lord. (Jn. 14:6)

“Do not let your hearts be troubled!”

What a comforting word from our Lord when uncertainty reigns in our world. 

When Jesus talked to his disciples, it was the night before his self-sacrifice on the cross. He knew he was heading to a tough journey that would scatter his followers. In his last discourse for them, he taught them to understand the purpose of his mission: to make them feel God’s love in their own journey. He felt their anxiousness and concerns about the future but he invited them to take the journey with him.  And that’s why he came out with these comforting words: Do not let your hearts be troubled.” He promised them that where he is going, there are places for them. 

Thomas, like many of us, wanted to know the destination before getting into the journey. Jesus, instead, has invited him to make an act of faith and trust, trust in him who is the Way. Philip, like many of as well, wanted to see signs from God, or God the Father himself to get assurance in his life. Instead of searching signs, Jesus invited Philip to come to him so that he also may get that Life. 

Sometimes in our lives, like the disciples, we carry in our heart anxiousness and concerns about the future. Uncertainty may occupy our mind. Jesus invites all of us today to turn to him, who is  the Way, the Truth and the Life, while we are on our own journey. Jesus teaches us that by walking with him, we will not be lost and we will live. He demonstrates that there is always hope even when everything seems hopeless, there is light after darkness, day after the night, sunshine after the rain and Resurrection after the death on the cross. He shows us that what we face in our journey will lead us to the abundance of Life if we journey with him. 

Do we put our trust in the Lord? 

Jesus, increase our faith and trust in you, and help us to turn our eyes to you to be able to see clearer instead of focusing on our daily struggles. Amen.