Kateri has held monthly Indigenous masses as well as special masses for many years. We are seeing an impressive growth in our membership and are excited to continue our worship.

The celebration of the Eucharist in an Indigenous way helps our people to rediscover their connection with the Church. During mass, we feel empowered to voice their gratitude towards the Creator, to bring their prayers and to fully participate in the entire celebration.

It's also a great time for us to reconnect as a community, with good food, good friends and good music.  

Come Join Us!

Monthly Mass

From September to June, we celebrate mass on the second Saturday of every month at 5:00pm PM at St. Basel's Parish, 940 Rex Ave, Ottawa.


Know how to cook? Got an extra seat in your car? We're always looking for people to help out. Send us a quick email!

Music Ministry

Indigenous music is one of the most enriching parts of our Mass. You are welcome to bring your drums and come sing with us!