Outreach Missions

Kateri's Mission program offers music and worship, culture, training and leadership formation to Indigenous Christian communities both in the city and across Canada. They are opportunities for us to share and learn from each other and to rediscover aspects of our Indigenous identities together and to appreciate how being Indigenous is fully compatible with being Christian.

Kateri organizes logistics and communication materials for each mission. During these missions, there is an opportunity for prayer, praise and worship, mass, presentations and reflections. So far, the results have been amazing and the demand by Indigenous communities for us to conduct missions is increasing at a phenomenal rate.

What We Do

Praise and Worship

Indigenous Mass



Indigenous Pastoral Leadership Formation Program



Music Ministry

Who it Helps

Indigenous People on their healing journeys, for their cultural and spiritual awakening and rediscovery, to start on their reconciliation process with the Church.

Indigenous Youth to embrace and cherish their culture, tradition and spirituality.

Non-Indigenous People to understand the harm inflicted on Indigenous people, to appreciate the depth and richness of Indigenous culture and traditions, to take an active part on a journey of recognition and reconciliation.

Non-Indigenous Youth to know and learn their history, to interact, and be in touch withIndigenous people, to reflect on their own cultures and traditions.

List of Missions

Biigtigong First Nation. Ontario 

Geraldton Ontario 

White River Ontario 

Manitoulin, Chigeeng, Ontario 

Kaboni Ontario 

Anishabec Spiritual Center

Timmins, Ontario 

Pic Mobert First Nation, Ontario

Aroland First Nation, Ontario

Regina Saskatchewan

Attawapiskat First Nation

Long Lac #58 First Nation  

Thunder Bay Ontario

Sagamok First Nation, Ontario

Pikwakanagan First Nation, Ontario

Burnt Church First Nation, New Brunswick

Prince Albert Saskatchewan

St. Regis Mission, Akwasasne

Kanawake, Quebec

Shinwaulk, Sault Ste. Marie

Eel Ground First Nation, New Brunswick

Fort Macmurry, Alberta

Caraquet, New Brunswick

Lake Helen Ontario

Red Bank, New Brunswick

Barrie Ontario

Kashechewan Community in Ottawa

Toronto Ontario

Moosonee Cree Nation

Fort William First Nation

St. Joques Parish in Michigan

Indigenous Circle Russel ON