Our Work

Kateri Native Ministry has grown exponentially in the last few years, as have our responsibilities. We have more members, more missions both at home and abroad, and exciting new friendships and partnerships have resulted in us being invited to hospitals, schools, universities and seminaries to do a variety of ministry activities. Our work falls into 2 main pillars:


Healing has always been our central goal. Our healing activities help people rediscover their traditional Indigenous identities and acquire a sense of wholeness, connectedness and feeling of belonging in God’s Creation.


We use teaching activities to lay the groundwork for healing. Indigenous people receive healing by learning to embrace their heritage. Non-Indigenous people advocates of change as they become more open and appreciative of our rich Indigenous culture.

We Need Your Help

Kateri offers dozens of healing and training programs. We are asking for help on a few core activities to help accelerate our journey towards Healing and Reconciliation.