Our Founder

John Corston was the founder of the Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa. At the age of 33 he met the Lord and had a wonderful conversion in his life. He felt the love of God and knew in his heart that he was to work with Indigenous people. He worked tirelessly, bringing the good news about Healing and Reconciliation to others and had a special heart for those who struggled with drugs and alcohol.

In 2001, John founded Kateri Native Ministry as a non-profit charitable organization. Since then, Kateri has touched the lives of hundreds of Indigenous people and conducted outreach in dozens of communities across Canada. 

During his time with Kateri, John travelled and told of God's love, spoke beautiful words about our faith and by the example of his life told the story of hope for Mno Bmaadiziwin or "The Good Life". He was a respected Elder and carried his Eagle staff with pride. 

John passed away on Good Friday in 2016, but his vision lives on. In 2018 we announced plans to honor John with the John Corston Memorial Lodge.