“Our people need healing.” 

This was something our founder, John Corston, often used to say. Many of our members are residential school survivors, so it is only natural that healing, and its relationship to reconciliation, are central to virtually everything we do. Our venues and events for healing have helped people embrace their Indigenous identities and acquire a sense of wholeness, connectedness and feeling of belonging in God’s Creation.

Outreach: We connect with communities both in the Archdiocese of Ottawa and across Canada to share, worship and undertake spiritual development and discernment.

Community Ministry: We provide corporal mercy through Indigenous masses, hospital and home visits to the sick and dying, as well as funeral and bereavement support.

Hospital Visits: We support Indigenous families with children undergoing hospital treatment.

Ceremonies and Sacraments: We practice both Christian and Indigenous traditions to help allow God’s Divine Grace to become more tangible in our lives.

Journey to Wholeness: We bring in experienced Elders and other specialists to facilitate monthly workshops that promote wholeness.

Conferences: We provide organization, music, testimony, sharing, ceremony and mass for our Annual healing and reconciliation conferences and the John Corston gathering.

Referral Services: We assist people struggling with addictions or who require professional counselling to obtain the services of trained professionals.

The Paschal Mystery

Even though Jesus lived in a different age and on a different continent, when we read the Gospels, we often encounter how present His words are within Indigenous values.

At Kateri Native Ministry, the Paschal Mystery is at the centre of our spiritual life, and as Indigenous people it offers us an amazingly powerful model to help us understand our place in Creation.


Our ancestors built a wealth of wisdom, experience and sacred traditions.


After contact with Western Civilization, Indigenous People have faced immense suffering and disconnection from generation to generation.


Indigenous culture is being restored, our knowledge is returning to the world and at Kateri Native Ministry we are discerning our path as Indigenous Christians in the 21st century.