How We Learn

As Indigenous Christians, Kateri Native Ministry finds itself at the crossroads of two incredible sources of wisdom and learning. The Kendaasawin Program allows us to embrace both our Traditional and Christian heritages and ask important, universal questions to help better understand our place in Creation: 

Meaning: Who am I

Connection: Where do I come from? 

Purpose: Why am I here

Hope: Where am I going?

Who is it For?

We bring Indigenous awareness to individuals and groups. They can last for an hour, a day, or even an entire week. For each group we work, we tailor each session to meet your specific needs on the road to life, hope and healing. Some of the groups we teach include: 

  • Elementary Schools
  • High Schools
  • School Boards
  • Universities
  • Interest Groups
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Counsellors
  • Parishes
  • Spiritual Directors
  • Seminaries


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