For the healing of Indigenous people to be effective, complete and lasting, there needs to be a connection to the land. In an effort to achieve this, Kateri has made land-based healing and training the central pillars of our organization.

Our training activities draw from Indigenous traditions and culture. They reconnect Indigenous people with their identities and provide them a sense of wholeness, understanding Creator in all things. They also bring awareness of reconciliation to non-Indigenous people who learn more about our cultures and traditions.

Training is conducted by experienced Indigenous Elders and a growing list of partnerships with Saint Paul University, Jesuits of Canada, The Bronson Centre, and other organizations.

Indigenous Pastoral Leadership Formation: A training for  Indigenous participants to become leaders in their home communities.

Kendaasawin: A land-based healing and training program for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People.

Retreats: We offer a wide variety of retreats throughout the year to help our community and other groups grow in their understanding of Healing and  Reconciliation.

Blanket Exercises: Kateri provides Blanket Exercises to interested groups upon request.

Cultural Activities: Kateri provides different cultural gatherings that bring people together to learn and participate in Indigenous cultural activies and ceremonies. 

Land-Based Learning

For over 10,000 years the land on Turtle Island has been our classroom. Kateri’s training programs bring learners to the land so they can experience Creation. Spending time on the land in Creating gives us a sense of belonging and purpose.

Land-based learning is a transformative experience that promotes life in an incredible way. It calls us to ask “Am I good for Creation?” and guides us to live a more balanced, harmonized life. Creation reminds us that life is not stagnant, and encourages growth in our spiritual lives.