First Nations Pilgrimage to Martyr’s Shrine

Aanii , Hello friends of Anishinabe Spiritual Centre!  Attached please find an invitation to the Annual First Nations Pilgrimage to Martyr Shrine in Midland on June 14,15 2024.  We invite all to join in!  There will be a guest speaker, more information on Joseph Chiwatenhwa (1600-1640) and of course our Patroness of Canada and personally, my active saint, St. Kateri.

Please don’t miss this opportunity!  Lunch will be provided on the day of:)  Call or email Rosella or to the Anishinabe Spiritual Centre (705-869-4994) to book your spot (we need to know how many for lunch).  We have been looking into group bookings for motels.  If you would want to go into a group booking please let us know asap.  The prices stated are approximate. The motels in the area are:

1.Comfort Inn Midland (705) 540-1581 (129.)
2. Midland Inn (705) 245- 1166 ($175.)
3. Silver Star Hotel (705) 245 – 6571 ($169)  

We hope you will join us on this pilgrimage.  It is a beautiful spiritual journey of prayer, history and friendship building.

Peace and blessings,

Eddie MacDonald
Anishinabe Spiritual Centre