Synodal Sharing Circle

Our Holy Father invited catholics to express their dreams, ideas and concerns in preparation for the Synod of Bishops scheduled for 2023. The sharing circles on synodality is to discern a path forward for the church. Our synodal gathering will ask two questions: 1) How do you experience church today and 2) What are your dreams and hopes for the future. These will be the 2 questions we engage in listening. There will also be a time of reflection.

The synodal process began at the Vatican on October 9-10 and was launched in October 16-17th in dioceses worldwide.  

The synodal process is simply listening and hearing one another and how to engage with one another. All dioceses are asked to send in a report. Kateri will submit its own report.  

Please plan on attending our Synodal sharing circle at St. Basil’s parish located at 940 Rex Avenue, Ottawa on April 2, 2022 from 9am to 12 noon.  For those who cannot attend in person, there will be an option to attend via Zoom.

There will be coffee and light refreshments.  

Carol David and Donna Naughton will guide you through the process.