What a Care We Receive From The Lord!

“What a care we receive from our Lord!” 

In the last few Sundays and will continue until Pentecost, the church offers to us the last discourse of Jesus to his disciples before his crucifixion, suffering and death and resurrection. 

As Jesus journeyed towards that crucial moment of ultimate love to human kind, the stress and fear, doubt and uncertainty in the disciples grew. They knew they would be separated from Him, and they could be left alone, yet he was their only hope. They have given their lives to him, they left everything for him. They put their entire trust in him. They believed in him and they loved him.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus continues to reassure his disciples that he will not leave them orphaned, he will not abandon them but he will always be with them through his Spirit because he loves them back, more than they could imagine, and He will show them that ultimate love in the following days. His Spirit is going to come to them, the spirit who is going to lead them, to comfort them, to enlighten them, to give them wisdom. 

Jesus gave to them everything that he has: his life and his Spirit. Jesus shows his care for them in time of difficulties and uncertainties. Jesus stood strong with them when they felt lost and abandoned despite what he, himself, was going through in his own journey. 

Today, the Lord shows to us by the example of himself what love is all about: to be there for the ones he loves especially in time of uncertainty, doubt and crisis. He is there for them, to assure them and to care for them. He showed the example so that they may do it towards one another. “Love one another as I love you.” That is his commandment. If they keep that, they will remain in his love and the love of the father. 

God loves us. The Creator loves his creatures and all creation. God created all things and put all his might and love in each one of them. God continues to care for us. Who among us would not  care of the things that we made? We will make sure that it won’t be destroyed. More than we care for our little things, the Creator takes care for us by giving us his Son, and now the Holy Spirit to come so that we won’t miss anything to face all obstacles on our journey.

Sometimes, unfortunately, there are people [ including ourselves] who do not feel anymore that love that creator has for them [and for us] especially in difficult times. As Christ’s name bearers, our care for those people, our presence with them, for them, the fact that we are there with them will help them to feel that the God our Father always finds a way to reach out to all of his creatures.

May the Spirit of God come to us, and strengthen us, comfort us and guide us in this difficult moment we are going through so that we may feel God’s love for us, and so that we will be able to love and care for one another, as the Lord had commanded us.

Sunday, May 17, 2020